Full-level support: installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, repairs

Even after you have purchased a used mining or tunnelling machine from CST, you can rely on us 100%. Whether for installation or commissioning, for regular plant maintenance or quick help in case of service: our specialists are on the road for you in many countries, quickly available and always state-of-the-art through continuous training. This is decisive - because your plants are guaranteed to be in the best hands with original CST service.

To ensure that your processes run trouble-free again as quickly as possible if a component fails on your machine stock, you can also benefit from our competent service exchange if necessary. This service gives you direct access to core components that normally require long delivery times.

Handling and pricing are uncomplicated and transparent: in the event of a failure, we will send you the required spare part immediately from our service exchange warehouse. You send us your defective component within two weeks. We repair this component and only charge you the actual repair costs. The spare part delivered by us remains in your possession - it becomes your property upon payment of the repair invoice. The returned and by us repaired component becomes our property and will be used for further applications. The investment volume remains low for you - you can restart operations without much loss of time and with considerable cost savings.

In addition, maintenance contracts provide you with the greatest possible security of a technically and economically perfect functioning system. After all, conscientious maintenance ensures the best possible protection against breakdowns and repairs and offers your employees a plus in safety at work.

Our services at a glance:

  • Assembly instructions / Supervision
  • Assembly support
  • Commissioning and instruction
  • Trainings / Employee training
  • Inspection / Maintenance
  • Repair / Overhaul
  • Service-Exchange