Used machines for mining and tunnelling at the level of new products

All used mining and tunnelling machines from CST and the associated components go through a comprehensive revitalisation process. As a result, you will purchase dedusting, cooling and ventilation systems, roadheaders and dinting loaders from us that are as good as new and of the same type. In order to ensure this level of quality, the revitalisation process includes the following steps:

1 – Careful purchase

The plant and machinery selected by CST was in operation until its sale. In selecting them, we always ensure that the spare parts procurement, documentation and approval can be guaranteed.

2 – Reliable partner companies

We work together with reliable and experienced partner companies. This has proven to be a good solution especially for special requirements in electrical engineering, programming, special hydraulics or mechanical processing.

3 – Thorough examination

The plants are always completely dismantled by us. Within the scope of this process step we prepare the repair record.

4 – Fast preparation of offers

We determine the costs and the time frame for carrying out the repair. Parallel to this, the customer's quotation is already being prepared.

5 – Professional repair

During the repair process, parts are either replaced or expertly refurbished. The repairs are carried out by experienced, specially trained employees.

6 – Detailed functional test

After the repair, we carry out a comprehensive hydraulic, electrical and mechanical function test.

7 – Secured acceptance process

At the end of the comprehensive revitalisation, the joint acceptance is carried out with the customer. Within this framework, a detailed acceptance protocol is drawn up.

8 – Project specific shipping

After acceptance, the plant is made ready for dispatch. Depending on the project, this includes partial or complete dismantling of the plant.

9 – Service oriented transfer

The revitalized system is reassembled on site and accepted by the customer. On request, our service technicians will support the commissioning and train the responsible personnel of the customer on site.