Side Dump Loader - Type K313S

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Side Dump Loader - Type K313S

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The side dump loader K 313 S is designed for loading work in mining. However, it can also be used in tunnel and gallery construction. A special feature is the telescopic boom, which allows horizontal displacement of the bucket during loading.
The entire telescopic boom can be swivelled by 20° in each case. This, and the 900 mm stroke of the telescopic cylinder, allows loading and unloading to be carried out from a standing position without damaging the material.
The maximum unloading height of the side tipping bucket is 1.85 m.
The loader can be easily disassembled into transport units. All components are equipped with stable attachment points for transport 

Sub-assembly Technical data
Loader complete    
Type: K 313 S
total weight 12500 kg
Specific floor pressure 9.9 N/cm2
Gradeability 25 gon
Stability max. longitudinal inclination increasing 25 gon
    max. longitudinal inclination incident 25 gon
    max. transverse inclination ± 10 gon

Travel speed
- level
- at 25 gon Rise    
    max. 5000 m/h (= 1.4 m/s)
    max. 2500 m/h (= 0.7 m/s)
Drive power 90 kW

Theoretical charging capacity 1,3 - 1,6 rm3/min 
(loading and tilting of the bucket with nominal capacity from a standing position)
bucket capacity 1000 - 1200 l
Tearing force at bucket tooth 50 kN
Penetration force (horizontal) 90 kN
- by the feed cylinder 90kN
- through the chassis 80kN
Main dimensions
- Length 6930 mm, with extended telescopic boom 7830 mm
- width   1630 mm
- Height 1665 mm without protective structure
(loader in parking position) 2000 mm with protective superstructure    

ground clearance 350 mm
center distance 1910 mm
stroke of the telescopic boom 900 mm
Pivoting angle 2 x 20°
with extended lifting cylinders and feed cylinders:   
- max. unloading height 1850 mm        
- Center height of the bucket 3450 mm
- max. lifting height               3900 mm
- max. loading width 450 mm
- max. lower depth 450 mm

Sub-assembly Technical data
Hydraulics 1 hydraulic tank and 1 compensation tank with temperature and level monitor

Hydraulic fluid 1 underground: HFC 46
Above ground: mineral oil of viscosity class VG 46 or VG 68

tank capacity 450 l

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