Air Cooling Machine - Type DV420

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Air Cooling Machine - Type DV420

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These machines are specially designed for applications in tunnelling and mining.

All machines manufactured by us are submitted to a test run on our test stand. The pressure vessels are subject to acceptance tested in our factory by the TÜV (Technical Inspection Association).


1. Machine Unit

The machine unit is manufactured from a continuous machine and engine frame with solid square tube, the bottom is as a collector sump of 8 mm sheet steel so shaped that the machine can be pulled on the floor. The steel parts are coated with zinc dust and resin color in green RAL6000.

2. Water-cooled condenser for condensing the refrigerant

The cooling water connections are designed as DIN flanges, the refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed and with the required refrigerant fittings such as liquid stop valve with fill port, sight glass with moisture indicator, filter drier with interchangeable block inserts, expansion valve equipped.

The unit is completely piped and wired and is equipped with a sufficient number of heavy ring eyelets.

Main components:

  • Compressor-motor unit
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Control cabinet, control and automatic system

3. Injection evaporator (direct evaporator)

  • Components of the evaporator: round or oval housing from 8 mm strong steel sheet with an exhaust and air tube connection, drain for condensation- and sprinkling water (2” sleeve socket),
    eight cleaning openings, coated with zinc dust and resin color RAL 6000
  • Hand operated sprinkling system for cleaning of the cooling package
  • Water separator for catching and deriving the sprinkling and the condensation water from the airflow
  • Skids in longitudinal direction for setting up and moving the evaporator on a stage or on the tunnel bottom
  • The connection between the machine unit and the evaporator is carried out with two hoses from high-grade steel.


The air cooling machine is generally overhauled.

TECHNICAL DATA (design data)

Intended refrigerant 407 C
Cooling capacity of the air cooling machine  (net) 420 kW
Cooling capacity of the air cooling machine  (gross) 450 kW
Airflow rate >13 m³/s
Fan power 37 kW
Air inlet temperature in front of the fan 30 °C
Air outlet temperature 17.9 °C/ 92 % Humidity
Pressure consumption 1200 Pa


Condensing temperature> 42 °C
Cooling water temperature 25 °C
Cooling water outlet 38 °C
Cooling water quantity 26.5
Water-side operating pressure of the condenser> up to 40 bar
Effective drive power 119 kW
Selected motor design 132 kW

Machine dimensions

Length 3350 mm
Width approx. 950 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight 3,000 kg
Filling weight refrigerant approx. 100 kg

Evaporator dimensions

Length 3200 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 1325 mm
Weight approx. 2,000 kg

Please notice: Sample pictures may differ from actual product.