Dinting Loader - Type EL 160 S

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Dinting Loader - Type EL 160 S

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Modern mining operations often require the use of dinting loaders with a correspondingly high heading rate. The specially designed machine on hand fulfils this requirement with high operational availability.


The EL 160 S hydraulic dinting loader consists of the main assemblies crawler chassis, boom and loading bucket with five integrated hammers. The central control stand with driver's seat is located on the chassis. Behind it are the drive unit with electric motor, an oil cooler and the electric control unit.


The specially designed machine on hand combines the partial operations of "loosening" and "loading" and allows cost-effective operation by one-man operation.


Generally overhauled


Further accessories, such as connection pieces, suitable fan stations or other compact filter elements can be offered to you on request.



Total weight basic unit
(without attachment unit, standard version)
6725 kg
Total weight basic unit
(without attachment unit, incl. extra weights)
8050 kg
Total weight attachment unit 1800 kg
Total weight attachment unit
(telescopic boom with M-bucket)
2850 kg
Gross loading capacity 15 – 30 m³/shift
Thrust power in lowering direction approx. 68 kN
Chassis frame size B1
Centre distance 1925 mm
Crawler tracks 38 links
140 mm
with triple-bridge base plate
Track width 260 mm
Specific bearing load 0.85 – 1.0 dN/cm2
Chassis clearance 150 mm
Drive motor hydraulic axial piston motor
Driving speed 0.37 m/sec
Climbing ability 20 gon
Perm. lateral inclination max.
10 gon

Hydraulic unit

Electric motor 55 kW type B5
Speed 1450 rpm
Hydraulic pump
(radial-piston type)
90 l/min (pressure controlled)
Continuous operating pressure 200 bar
Pressure relief valve 250 bar
Pump for tramming
(2 radial-piston variable pumps)
45 l/min each
Continuous operating pressure 220 bar / pump
Pressure relief valve 250 bar / pump
Oil cooler radial oil-air cooler drive hydro gear motor
Gear pump 15 l/min
Operating pressure 100 bar max.
Oil tank capacity 380 l
Hydraulic fluid HFC 46 or mineral oil
High pressure filter 17 μm 3 pieces
Return flow filter 25 μm 1 piece

After receipt of order a readiness for delivery is possible at short notice.

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