Aliva 263 Concrete Spraying Machine


Aliva 263 Concrete Spraying Machine

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The Aliva 263 concrete spraying machine was developed for use in tunnelling, mining and working areas on slopes.
The machine is a very robust, two-axle concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet and dry mixtures.
It works with the thin-flow method, i.e. with the supply of pressure lust. It is particularly characterised
by the fact that it can be converted from dry to wet spraying without any conversion or additional machine components.


The condition of the machine can be described as very good.


Length 2035 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1290 mm
Weight approx. 1450 kg
Drive air motor
Engine power 8,5 kW
Speed range 800-1800 m²
System pressure 5 bar
Air consumption 10 Nm³ / min


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