Roadheader - Type SM 130

The Roadheader SM 130 is developed for the cutting  of medium hard rocks.

Roadheader - Type SM 130

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Tunnelling and mining

The standard design Miner SM 130 is a roadheader which was developed for the cutting extraction of medium hard rocks. The compressive strength is up to approx. 80 MPa single axis cube. Thin layered rocks of a higher strength within less hard rocks can also be cut.

This means that the roadheader is capable of excavating a considerable portion of sedimentary rock economically. Therefore, the applications for the roadheader SM 130 are very versatile. They range from heading operations in the mining and mineral industry to excavation of tunnels in civil engineering projects or as an extraction device.


The Miner SM 130 moves on a crawler track, which are individually driven by hydraulic motors. It is able to work on upward and downward gradients of up to 20 gon. The easily dismountable modular construction, the low height and the low weight facilitate the application in narrow mine conditions.

The roadheader principle with the rotating cutter boom allows to drive any trapezoidal or arched profile from a central position within the limits of the greatest cross section.


Total length 12864 mm
Machine height 2560 mm
Machine width without loading table 2454 mm
Machine width with loading table 3000 mm
Crawler width 520 mm
Machine mass 35 t
Ground pressure 0.17 N/cm²

Cutting profile (elevated machine)

Max. cutting height 4500 mm
Max. cutting width (horizontal cutter boom) 5129 mm
Max. undercut beneath base 180 mm
Max. excavated cross section to base 21.3 m²

lnstalled motor power

Total power (electrical) 223 KW
Cutter motor, water-cooled 132 KW
Motor for hydraulic power pack 45 KW
Conveyer motor 2 x 15 KW
Motor for the belt conveyor drive 7.5 KW
Motor for the cooler fan wheel 2.2 KW
Motor for the oil cooling circuit pump 2.2 KW
Motor for the water cooling circuit pump 1.1 KW
Headlight, switch board, etc. 2.5 KW
Power (hydraulic)  
Drive 2 x 22 KW


Travel speed 0 - 6 m/s
Conveyer speed 0.9 m/s
Cutting speed at the cutting head 2.98 m/s

Handling characteristics

Negotiable anticline (minimum radius) min. 18.5 m
Negotiable syncline (minimum radius) min. 14.5 m
Maximum cross gradient +/- 6/7 °gon
Maximum negotiable gradients +/- 18/20 °gon

After receipt of order a delivery readiness is possible after approx. 4- 6 months.

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