Roadheader - Type Sandvik MR620

Roadheader - Type Sandvik MR620

Roadheader - Type Sandvik MR620

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Tunnelling and mining

The Sandvik MR620 is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted roadheader that is engineered to excavate roadways and galleries.


This heavy-duty machine has a powerful transversal cutter head mounted on an extremely robust telescopic boom.
It is designed to excavate rock with high compressive strengths.

The MR620 is available as PLC (Programmable Logical Controlled) or hydraulically controlled machine.
According to country regulations the machines can be delivered with FLP (flameproof) certifications from various international approval authorities.


Designed for economical excavation of rock exceeding 120 MPa uniaxial compressive strength to minimize operating costs.
Hydraulically stabilized telescopic cutter boom offers optimum cutting power.
Spraying systems efficiently suppress dust and cool cutting tools.


Total weight approx.   118,000 kg
Dimension  (length;width;height) 15520 x 4800 x 2400 mm
Cutting height (maximum.) 5900 mm
Cutting height (minimum.) 3500 mm
Cutting width 5500 - 8900 mm
Cutter motor   300 kW
Ground pressure 0.18 MPa
Loading capacity 350 m³/h
Conveying system, chain speed 3.5 m/min
Total installed electric motor power 540 kW
Volltage (standard) 10.00V
Cutter head speed 1.4 m/s

After receipt of order a delivery readiness is possible after approx. 4- 6 months.

Please notice: Sample pictures may differ from actual product.