Roadheader - Type AM 50

Roadheader - Type AM 50

Roadheader - Type AM 50

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Tunnelling and mining

The ALPINE MINER AM 50 is a boom-type roadheader designed to cut medium-hard rock with an unconfined compressive strength of up to 90 MPa (800 kp/cm2).

The machine can, however, also take thin seams of harder materials in its stride should these be encountered in a working face.

This means that the AM 50 can cut most rock with economic efficiency. Thus, the AM 50 has a wide range of applications: roadheading in the mining and mineral industry, tunnel driving in civil engineering works, and face work in many mining situations.


The ALPINE MINER AM 50 moves on individually driven crawler tracks powered by electric motors. It is designed to negotiate gradients of up to ±18 gon. Structural advantages such as easy dismantling, low height, and low weight make it suitable for use in· all mining conditions.

The machine is designed for a maximum cutting range of 4.0 m vertically and 4.8 m across. The selective cutting principle, with which the cutter boom can be swung in all directions, makes it possible to cut any profile within the indicated range without moving the machine.

Attachments are also available to give the machine a greater upward reach. Because of the machine's easy mobility, the cross-cut range does not have to be extended.

TECHNICAL DATA - Standard design

Overall height 1645 mm
Overall length with swivel conveyor 11600 mm
Overall width without apron 2200 mm
Overall weight with swivel conveyor approx. 29.5 tons
Width of crawler track assembly 1580 mm
Width of crawler tracks 370 mm
Ground pressure under crawler tracks 16 N/cm² (1.6 kp/cm²)
Width of apron optional 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m
Max. apron position above the bottom edge of the tracks approx. 350 mm
Max. apron position below the bottom edge of the tracks approx. 80 mm
Max. cutting range below floor approx. 100 mm
Max. excavation height 4000 mm
Max. excavation width from one position 4800 mm
Max. negotiable gradient 18 gon
Travelling speed at 50 cycles 8.0 m/min
Travelling speed at 60 cycles 9.6 m/min
Speed of chain conveyor at 50 cycles 1.0 m/sec
Speed of chain conveyor at 60 cycles 1.2 m/sec

After receipt of order a delivery readiness is possible after approx. 2 months.

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