Re-Cooling plant 11,2 MW

Re-Cooling plant

Re-Cooling plant 11,2 MW

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Recooling system consisting of primary circuit with cooling water basin and four open cooling towers with a pump station consisting of four centrifugal pumps. Secondary circuit with a main pumping station consisting of four centrifugal pumps. The water is cooled by a plate heat exchanger station.

The system has the following specifications:


Maximum cooling capacity: 11.2 MW
Electrical power at full workload: 1000 kW

Primary cooling water circuit (Cooling pond)

Max. Flow rate: 800 m³/h
Cooling pond with four open cooling towers: 2.8 MW, 200 m³/h
Four cooling tower pumps: 267 m³/h each
Cooling pond temperature: 19 - 22° C
Flow temperature from basin to heat exchanger: 19° C
Return temperature from heat exchanger to cooling towers: 28° C
Reversible flow filter station  
Fresh water flow: approx. 15m³/h

Secondary cooling water circuit (Tunnel)

Max. Flow rate: 800 m³/h
Four main pumps: 267 m³/h each
Flow temperature to tunnel: 20° C
Return temperature from the tunnel (to the heat exchanger): 30° C
Backwash filter station  
Pressure reservoir: 5 m³

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