Dry-type Deduster - Type HBKK 1/400-2-11

Dry-type Deduster - Type HBKK 1/400-2-11

Dry-type Deduster - Type HBKK 1/400-2-11

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Dust removal from TBMs, semi-mobile or stationary dust removal during crushing and mechanical processing


Generally overhauled


Further accessories, such as connection pieces, suitable fan stations or other compact filter elements can be offered to you on request.


Output up to 800 m³/min (48,000 m³/h)
Quality of the compact filter elements CFM
Residual dust content in the clean gas after filtering < 0.1 mg/m³
Number of valves 120 units
Control valve 1 unit, 24 Volt
Pressure controller 1 unit, 24 Volt
Filter dedusting Electrically controlled difference pressure dedusting unit
Power consumption 9.54 kW (2 x 2.2 kW trough screw; 2 x 2.2 kW inclined screw; 2 x 0.37 kW rotary valve)
Operating pressure 4.5 bar
Compressed air requirement approx. 5.0 m³/min
Nominal size of the compressed air supply 2"
Colour signal white RAL 9010
Total system dimensions approx. 8.2 m x 1.12 m x 2.11 m system (length x width x height)



Further information and prices on request.

After receipt of order a readiness for delivery is possible at short notice.

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